Worship, rejoicing and praise are the heart of our worship ministry here at Calvary Baptist. The Calvary worship team provides musical inspiration and worship leadership for our weekly Sunday Evening worship service.


Members of our worship team are passionate about worshiping the Lord and share a commitment and faithfulness to this vibrant ministry. Our vision is to include orchestral instruments along with our rhythm section.

The Gospel is presented at each event so that all attendees know the way to eternal peace with God in Heaven.


If you play an instrument or sing, there may be a place for you in helping lead our Worship Team in life-changing worship.


There are opportunities in this Worship Ministry: Sunday afternoon practice, Sunday evening and Wednesday evening Worship.


~ The worship
We speak to God, expressing our love/gratitude to Him.

~ The teaching
God's Word speaks to us, challenging us to live out His Word.


The worship team directs the group of participants in worship to the glory of God. They must demonstrate consistent personal lives, have humble attitudes and possess adequate musical skill. Worship team members keep the attention on the Lord, not on their performance as worship members


The Spiritual Lives of the Worship Team Members:

A consistent habit of prayer and study of the Scripture in the private lives of the worship members and leaders is vital to their effectiveness in guiding others in worship.