Church reaches out to youth Calvary Teen Challenge




Published: November 25, 2009


HOLIDAY - Tucked into the corner of Anclote Boulevard and Calvary Road in Holiday, Calvary Baptist Church steadfastly pursues its community outreach programs. One popular program that enlivens the halls of the small two-story building is the Wednesday night Teen's Youth Group.


The youth pastor, Andrew Nawoichik, or "Drew," as he's known among the parishioners, came to Calvary about two months ago, responding to an ad he stumbled across on Craigslist. He tackled the job of rebuilding the dwindling youth group, which now has about 20 youths from tweens to late teens.

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Troubled teens find safe haven at Holiday churchCalvary Teen Challenge


By Mindy Rubenstein

Times Correspondent

Published: Saturday, April 10, 2010


HOLIDAY - A tall man with a bald head and unbridled enthusiasm, youth pastor Drew Nawoichik has turned Calvary Baptist Church of Anclote into a safe haven for troubled teens.

Many of the kids admit to smoking pot, he said. Some are "cutters" who slice themselves to deal with their emotional pain. Some are struggling with abuse or suicidal thoughts. Some live with their grandparents because a parent is in rehab.

"We've buried two moms that were lost to drugs," said Nawoichik.

At the weekly youth group meetings, however, the teens find home-cooked meals, Bible study, games, companionship and hope for a better life.

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